27 August 2014

LOOK MA, NO NEEDLES - a post by guest blogger Andrea

Well, I'm so happy to report this beautiful piece is finished and waiting for it's bath.  I have learned so much, struggled a little, worked on perseverance (and succeeded) and thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with this pattern and yarn.

 I can't wait to post more photos after blocking.


  1. HOORAH!!! you must post better pictures...these don't do it near enough justice (and thank goodness I got to see it in person ~ it's gor.geous.!!!!)

  2. YAYAYAY!!!! Congrats on getting it off the needles!!! It turned out great! I can't wait to see the blocked pictures....which reminds me I still need finished pictures of mine!

  3. gorgeous!! looks like a shawl that will keep you warm through the cold days :)

  4. Oooh... what an accomplishment. Eager to see blocked pics. :)

  5. A n d r e a! Look what you did! It's so beautiful, I can hardly wait to see it! But I know it'll be another week. Thanks for joining our kal. All worth it~ Ahhhh

  6. I just recently started a second Leaves of Grass and was pondering a third lace blanket for gifting. Jeff suggested Spire, and seeing yours just off the needles makes me think he's onto something. God work!!

    1. And this is why I don't use my phone to reply to blogs. "Good work" !