05 August 2014

She's in... by guest blogger Penny

Update Aug. 29th: Carolyn is loving this project and thinks she might knit another one of these days, but in the mean time, I took a photo last night. 

Happy to report, Carolyn is going to join us in the Streusel KAL, since she bought the pattern and downloaded it. This is the yarn she's using. (Oops, I meant to add... this is Entice, and the color is Carnelian). 

Because I know she won't do it, as soon as C has something to show off, I'll take a picture and post it. 


  1. hooray (thanks, P3!) ~ HI, CAROLYN!!!!! love your yarn choice...what colorway? ~ more orangey than Kelli's...I feel everyone looking towards autumn all of a sudden

    if you haven't used Hazel Knits Entice before, you are in for a treat :))))

  2. Sorry about that Mel. I edited the blog post and added the colorway. There was no lot number applied to it that I could find. Just Entice and the color is Carnelian.

    1. thanks, P3 ~ I think most hand dyed / hand painted / kettle dyed yarns have colorway names but no dye lots ~ it's a gorgeous orange (it will look really good on her!)

  3. thanks Penny, keep us updated and or have Carolyn chime in. The color is smashing! another beautiful orange color from hazel knits, it will turn out wonderful, trust me. So glad she's knitting with us~

  4. I kind of wish I was using Tosh or Hazel now, but next time. I love the way mine is turning out. I won't be disappointed. I'll pass your comments on to C. :)