13 August 2015

It's The Fair Time!!! A post from Kelli

Streusel, a red 2nd place ribbon and a fancy red and white Best in Class Reserve ribbon. ~

Both lovelies are designed by Bonnie Sennott!  

 I have talented friends who placed even better and I'm so excited for them! Maybe Andrea will post her winning pieces?!

Peppernut here!!!
Took a red 2nd place ribbon ~

Encouraging all to either enter and/or  visit your local County or State Fair and check out the needle works !


  1. Your pieces are displayed so nicely since you brought them ready. I don't have any mannequins, etc. Might have to make sure I have something by next year. Nice work, Kelli!

  2. Thanks Andrea! Hoping you will find some type of display, Your knits aren't justified laying there... can't wait to see what you find and what you'll knit!?

  3. Good job both of you very talented ladies.. Hugs and Blessings.

    1. Thanks, I get such butterflies, not much like entering things in the fair give me that thrill.

  4. Congrats!!! They look beautiful!

  5. Thanks sooooo much for creating your patterns! Such a talented women!
    These two pieces have brought such joy to me! Much more then any ribbon added will do.
    Keep'em coming~
    Thank you!