21 August 2015

Starting Pumpkin Hats!? a post from Kelli

The Autumn season is coming~  my Cinderella pumk'in patch is doing well.  I'll post that later! 
But this time of year I have fun knitting the little treasures. 

This one I'm making for my daughters good friend's new baby boy... 

Not trying to rush summer away! Just so you know. 

It's a great free Pumpkin Hat pattern by Sarah Hood, on Ravelry in all sizes!  

The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn. 
I used dk and a size US5 and US6, because I'm knitting it for a newborn. 

 I would recommend decreasing the crown of the hat different. But the leaves do help hide the chopped up looking decrease. 

It is stink'in cute!!!


  1. This is very cute! I'm not good at knitting in the round, but the only way to improve is to try! This is going on my to-knit list!

    1. Good for you! Go for it! Just a little practice and you'll be a pro in no time!