28 September 2015

It's Been Many Moons ... posted by Melissa

A quick post to say hello and I've missed you all.  Life's been hectic and we're collectively holding our breath with hopes that the two year health crisis is finally past us.  We should know soon.  Until then, I'm celebrating a gorgeous end to a busy summer, a welcoming hug to an autumn of reconnecting with friends and family, and the amazing, glorious harvest super blood moon eclipse we were privileged to witness yesterday evening.

Hope this finds you and yours happy, healthy and doing the things that bring smiles to your faces.

- Melissa


  1. Thought of you this weekend as I watched old movies and knit the day away. I pray the your health news is good and all are healthy. Enjoy the new season and hope to see you back here soon.

  2. Hello, my friend! I've been thinking of you ~ Happy to see this delightful post, and hope to see more posts. Enjoy the autumn, it's delightful here in MN :)

  3. I do hope your worries are a thing of the past, dear Melissa!!

  4. Mel... your moon images turned our way better than mine. So cool. P3