26 September 2015

The Great Alaskan Knit ~ by Kelli

You're a big, strong, grown man.  You fish and crab in some the the most feared waves and ice, that out of control weather. You're gone from your family for long periods of time. 
You pack your favorite new baseball cap, your iPod,charging equipment, camera, and he never forgets his blanket his wife knitted him~ 
I'm impressed how it has not pilled up. It could use a good blocking ( but that's never going to happen )
He cherishes his blanket. Which may be the best knit I've knitted. No fancy ribbons, awards, or museum entries here. No great stitches, YO's, or pattern for that matter...
 The thought of me knowing its treasured fills me beyond measure ~


  1. Very sweet Kelli. I was thinking I'd like to make my Dave a blanket. I looked in your projects and didn't see it posted. What yarn did you use, size, and is there a pattern? What a labor of love.

  2. Thanks Penny, you should knit Dave a blanket.
    No pattern, I winged it, sorry no help there~