03 March 2016

A dream realized, by guest blogger Penny...

Though I'm very late and didn't join the KAL, I finished knitting Flood's "Girasole" last week! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was capable of doing this! I'm taking liberties here, because I'm adding Carolyn's completed creation, since I know she won't show it off. She and Melissa were my inspiration. Thank you girls!

Wish I had a better photo of Carolyn's. We just finished blocking it last week as well, even though she completed her Girasole months ago. She had pretty much decided she wasn't going to block it until I convinced her it was fun and easy to do.


  1. These are so beautiful! I love the colors, too!

  2. WoW! Your lace is so beautiful! Great work! This is how lace gets people to knit lace. It's so amazing to think you knitted that and blocked it's stunning!

  3. Thanks Kelly and Kelli! I loved it so much that I have started another for a sister-in-law. Crazy, huh? You all inspire me, that's for sure.