04 March 2016

My Knitted little House from Kelli

My first but not last... Churchmouse wreath~ check out the pattern on Ravelry!


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    1. Kiss kiss kiss! HUG! Been thinking about you! :)

  2. You said check out the felted pillow when you sent me this pic yesterday. I zoomed in on the cabled pillow and couldn't figure out what you were talking about. Didn't notice the felted pillow I made for you on the chair til you posted here. I forgot about that! So glad you still have it...I was kind of proud of that one :)

    1. Sherry saw the picture and asked where I got it! She wanted to go BUY one!
      Silly ol' bear... made just for me!
      I love it! You did great!

  3. This is a lovely peaceful room, Kelli, with touches of "art" and creativity. I looove the colors.