04 July 2016

Happy Fourth! ~ from Kelli

This is my newest knit, Solaris, you can find the pattern on Ravelry!  Fun garter stitch knit. I used two skeins Tosh Merino Light and 3 colors from the Tosh Unicorn Tails! I love my patriotic wrap!
Hope you enjoy this day~
Shout out to Nancy! Thanks for coming in to say Hi!


  1. I hope the shout out was for me! It was a thrill to see you and the beautiful Wild Fibers shop in Mount Vernon. I am safely back home in Virginia reunited with my 3 kitties but missing Skagit County already. I hope the next 1.5 years goes fast so I can move there permanently! Keep posting on your wonderful blog and encourage Melissa to post as well - you bot brighten up my day!

  2. Hi Nancy Nelson! Yes that was for you! Virginia has many beautiful places also! Happy summer!