17 July 2016

On Top Of Mt. Baker ~ from Kelli

Another exciting Sunday "Knit a Drive"! LOL 
Took along the Thursday Wrap by Sarah Parker, (on Ravely) to knit on. A warm summer day, we drove up into the Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest. 

It's a busy place this time of year. Bikers, hikers,drivers and knitters? My first time to see this absolutely beautiful place!
We saw a Grouse and I was told they're are Horey Marmet's up there, I had to Google them to see if there is really such a thing and what they look like!
Definitely love Sunday drive alongs and National Forests/Park sight seeing adventures! 
Next time better shoes!

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  1. Oh I should add... I saw no other knitters!!! How weird! ~ ha