31 December 2009

Already Started!

I started the Calendar Scarf on December 26th. I am using a Malabrigo Sock Yarn in a purple green colorway. The yarn is super soft and is a pure pleasure to knit with. My progress will be sporadic in the coming days mainly because of a new puppy in the house! Thanks, Twoknitwit for inviting me. I look forward to seeing all the scarves in the coming days.


  1. So, how does this work and how do you join?

  2. Yay! New puppy! I sympathize--our Ruby girl is 6 mos. and she seriously cuts into my quiet AM knitting before the kids get up.

  3. to swanski....you are very welcome! how is Frodo ;)
    to MLJ1954 ~ Ravelry member? you would have had to download the free pattern before it was removed from the website it was offered on ~ it came down 12-25-09 and is now being sold as part of a kit .... still want more info? if you already have it and would like to knit with us gals, let me know and I'll get you linked up on our blog .... otherwise here's the link to the website http://www.kalender2009.slojdohantverk.se/ so you can check into ordering the kit .... keep us posted!