29 December 2009

....yikes....going to places unknown.....


and it is done.... I've entered the realm of blogging ~ said I'd never do it and here I am ~ it's for a good cause since the fun bunch of gals that kal'd last year's Calendar scarf needed a new home this year (Tone will be missed ~ as a knitter and moderator!)

so, here's to another fun-filled adventure and hopefully this blog goes as smoothly as last year's ~ I'll do my best ;)

http://calenderscarfkal.blogspot.com/ ...... here's the link to last year's blog if anyone is interested


  1. oy, it's a little on the dull side ~ I need to spice her up a little but so proud I got this far .....

  2. Woohoo! I knew you could do it!


    Have lots of fun...

  3. It looks great , master knitter and now a computer buff. No end to your talents.

  4. oh, now don't be spreading lies .... by no means a master ~ just a grasshopper ;)