31 December 2009

taking care of some business....

I'd forgotten how last year we had quite a few hits from people wanting to join but knowing nothing about the pattern and how to get a copy....hopefully this will clear things up!

If you already have a copy of the pattern, you are always welcome to join us ~ let me know you have interest and we can pm each other the necessary details to get you added to the blog ~ please don't post your email address on the blog!

If you don't have a copy of the pattern, here's how it works:

it was available for free in daily installments here http://www.kalender2009.slojdohantverk.se/
from Dec 1st thru Dec 24th at which time it was removed from the website ~ it is still available but is being sold as part of a kit ~ none of us has purchased a kit so can't provide details on the price, etc so you'd have to contact them directly ~ if you still would like to join us after checking into it and have ordered the kit, let me know and I can always add you to the blog at a later date (very few of us finish this kal in a month ~ it goes on & on & on....)

hope that clears up some of the confusion and helps everyone out! happy new year ;)

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