02 October 2010

Cold Mountain & a little light headed

I donated my out of control mane to Locks of Love a few days ago ~ a 13" ponytail that I was told will make a beautiful wig ~ it was a good tribute to my dad and everyone that struggles with a cancer diagnosis.

So here's the new 'do and my lovely Cold Mountain that looks surprisingly cute with my old t-shirt ;) ~ Kelli, you always ask me 'how would you wear that?' when I finish something.....what do you think!?


  1. Fantastic new 'do! (& I'm a guy who normally prefers long hair). Great Cold Mountain, too.

  2. I love how your Cold Mountain came out, I am wearing mine right this very minute. Beautiful lace and most especially a beautiful hair cut! I know how you love to get your hair cut :)

  3. To know you lifted a childs life to a better place is more then any ribbon or prize you will ever win.
    It is not your great hair cut nor your stunning shawl and how you're wearing it, but your heart we see that make you beautiful.
    You are such an inspiration!
    Hope to knit with you soon.

  4. This shawl and how great the color and how you've placed it, the drape on you, makes me kinda like geometrical shapes.~Just kinda.

  5. Love the shawl and the NEW DO!

    What an awesome tribute to this fighting the C beast.

    So the question is...are you growing it out again? Or will you keep the length?

  6. Great hair cut and what an awesome thing to do, coming from you such a neat thing dosen't surprise me, you are very thoughtful.
    The shawl is also beautiful. Great color.

  7. I think this was my last hoorah with long hair, Rachel! It was driving me crazy for the last couple months but I was waiting to get it cut til I had enough to donate ~ I ended up having 5" more than the minimum so I could actually have done it quite awhile ago. I'm loving it short & I found a great gal to cut it this time so I think I've said adios to the long tresses ;)