05 October 2010

The Secret's Out!

So it's time to share our exciting news ~ we've been asked to speak at the Snohomish Knitters Guild in November ~ Kelli, Trudy, Carrie and I will do a 1 hour presentation to talk about how our relationships with each other have grown since we began knitting together. We also get to have a trunk show and we're planning a few little surprises to liven up the evening, also. We're still floored and honored that we were contacted by the guild's president, Charisa, about doing this. It was completely out of the blue and I think we're still a little shocked that they'd like to meet us all. Their October newsletter just came out and here's the blurb about us, hot off the presses!

'November 9, 2010: The KnitWits!
Our focus this year is building our knitting community. The KnitWits are regular posters of projects in the SKG projects forum as Oneknitwit, Twoknitwit, Fourknitwit. We thought it would be great to hear how they met, spur each other on in their knitting knowledge, and how knitting has “knit” them together.
The knitwits will be sharing about themselves and offer a trunk show of their collective work.'

here's the link to their webpage, too, where we're also mentioned (with a photo!)
http://www.snohomishknittersguild.org/events ~ scroll down a bit and voila, there we are having a blast at Stitch and Pitch this year!

It will actually be oneknitwit, twoknitwit, thirdknitwit and knitwittiest who will be there, but fourknitwit was mentioned in the newsletter since she also shares her projects with their group on Ravelry.

WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!! We hope to have some fun things to share, including photos, and maybe a whole new bunch of knitting friends when it's all over!

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