15 December 2010

Handspun and Home Cookin'

Today Miss Melissa is one happy girl!  Scored big at last nights Snohomish Knitters Guild gift exchange ~ I got to bring home 194 yards of handspun baby alpaca that guild member Tina made.  It's my first skein of handspun (ever!) and I'll have to find just the right project for it ~ it's oatmealy in color and so so soft.  I can't wait to use it.  Thanks so much, TINA!

I also got to meet my new friend Tamra (aka Snohomish Shepherdess for those of you that have been checking out the blog recently) who made my night even better by sharing a jar of her recently canned Orange Marmalade.  I just might be more excited about it than the yarn (gasp!) ~ orange is my favorite flavor and I may attempt a loaf of homemade bread this weekend (uncharted territory!) so I can break the seal on the jar and try it.  It's so pretty I almost hate to eat it up but I'll resist the temptation to save it and let you know just how yummy it is soon......very soon ;)

Thanks to all my tablemates last night for making my first official meeting so much fun ~ the food and the music and the camaraderie were worth the pain of my early wake up call this morning!  Looking forward to next month ~ another meeting AND a train ride to Portland (toot toot!)

Missed you last night, Kelli!  This homebody did ok on her first solo venture out into the knitting world ~ you should be proud of me!

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  1. Does that group know you or what?! What wonderful gifts...what cha gunna knit me?~he he

    What date is it next month, gosh forbid I get up and look myself...