13 December 2010

It's a Savory Kind of Day

I think I may officially be burned out on cookie baking ~ today I moved on to other yummy munchy not-so-traditional holiday fare.

I whipped up a batch of these Salty Sweet Bar Nuts (Country Home Magazine November 2002) ~ I generally don't like lingering food smells in my house but after making these, the whole place smells of fresh rosemary, which I love!  And aside from that, they taste good, too ~ just the right amount of salt, brown sugar and a zing of cayenne pepper.  These will be great in a care package I'm putting together for a new friend ~ any guesses as to who that person is?!?!

Tomorrow is my first Snohomish Knitter's Guild monthly meeting as an official member ~ we're having a gift exchange and appetizer party.  I had to think of something that travels well since I have to work tomorrow and I'll have to cart whatever I bring around with me all day so I opted for Asian Party Mix from Cooking Light Magazine.  Everyone seems to have their own favorite version of the old Chex Party Mix and this is mine.  It's packed with Asian flavors like wasabi and curry and it's hard to walk away from once you start munching!


  1. send some of that stuff up with Jas it looks great!

  2. your wish is my command, bro! there's a care package heading your way soon ;)

  3. Thanks for the goodies Sis they were awesome!