11 December 2010

A Confession

Dear mom ~
I guess now is as good a time as any to tell you that when you used to bake ahead for the holidays and stash cookies away in the freezer, I discovered just how much MORE I love Grandma's Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies when they are frozen.  I prided myself on my ability to sneak just enough that it was never discovered.  Only problem is, I am still sneaking them ~ out of my freezer, and telling my husband that I do it.  Major faux pas ~ now he knows how much he likes them frozen. 

I am going to have to make more before the holidays.  But I think I'll wait til just before Christmas, otherwise, those too will somehow dwindle away and I'll be making a third batch.

From your sneaky daughter ~


  1. You are too, too funny! And I'm definitely going to freeze some of these and do a taste test.

  2. I really dislike eating raw cookie dough and I think it's a great way to ruin a bowl of ice cream (blech!) but these are soooo sooo good right out of the freezer! Just watch out ~ the chocolate chips are a little hard so don't break any teeth! Eater beware ;)

  3. I undoubtedly didn't notice because I was also "sneaking" them as well. Just a (chocolate) chip off the old block! Thanks for the memory.