21 February 2011

little things...

It's a lazy pj's kind of day after a really busy weekend.  Things that made me smile today...
a gift from a friend ~ thanks, Kelli!
just enough lace to make a simple project lovely
the hubby installed my switch plates in the attic
the best pup a girl could have
I hope everyone has a great week and is enjoying this wonderful day ~ Melissa


  1. I'm kind of partial to him, too ;) ~ he had a bath this weekend and he's covered with these long crazy satiny cowlicks right now (his mama was a Springer Spaniel & he gets his hair from her)~ he'd love to play with Frodo!

  2. Great photos...where'd ya get the light switch cover? What's next in that room?~ ah yes the floor's still in progress? Have you found a curttain pattern?

  3. switchplates ~ anthropolgy (don't you love them ~ distressed metal..oolala!)

    floor is complete ~ next is baseboards and trim and then install my cabinets ~ I'm getting there ;)

    curtain pattern ~ still looking (any bright ideas?)... I did check my stash and darnit, I don't have a color lace or fingering weight yarn that goes with my green walls so I'll have to buy some (shucks!)

  4. Cool switch plate!

    And the pooch--yeah, he's pretty cool too!

    Good to see your knits...my needles are clackin' too just a bit more slowly than usual. Socks, a vest and a boring scarf. One of these days one of them will get finished...

  5. good to hear from you Rachel ~ I've been lurking on Caringbridge and following your journey. Socks, a vest and a 'boring' scarf ~ that's quite a bit with everything else right now! I enjoyed the videos of your new wheel on your blog, too, although I couldn't get the sound turned up loud enough to hear you ;)

    be well ~ I think about you alot

  6. OK. That dog is just plain sweet. Those eyes! I keep thinking of you and your new studio and am so happy for you to have it! Hugs to the pup from me!