13 February 2011

Sunday ~

My date with Uncle Sam has dragged on into day 2.  Seems I didn't have a full deck with which to play cards ~ spent the day gathering up receipts from here, there, and everywhere.  Now I'm ready to sit down and work on our taxes in earnest, BUT, the get up and go feeling has done got up and left.  I'm breaking up with Uncle and maybe we'll try again next weekend.  What a fickle girl....

So, on to more important things....the attic has 1/2 a floor and my wonderful handy man of a husband is working on finishing it today!
Isn't it pretty?  The window trim and baseboards will be bright white and will look great, I think, against the green paint.  Last night my husband suggested that I get skylights installed to help with the lack of natural light....'um, ok?'.  Did you think I'd say no!?  How cool is that?  That's definitely an expense for a later date but to know that I'll eventually get them is awesome ~ and there's an added bonus of there being a sweeping view of Puget Sound on the other side of that darn attic roof......I can't wait!!!

Today I'm casting on a belated birthday gift for my brother's girlfriend ~ I'm making her these Brushed Suri Mitts with BSA Brushed Suri in Lollipop, a hot pink shade I know she'll love! 
My husband was very interested in this yarn when he saw me winding it this morning.  Lots of questions about what type of fiber it was....  Turns out he thinks this would be a perfect material to add to some of the flys he ties for fly fishing.  He's welcome to every last inch I have left over and I'll try to remember to post a photo of what he comes up with.  I still get tickled when I hear him talking about 'chenille' ~ a word I never thought I'd hear come out of his mouth but it is used alot in tying flies ~ and now he wants to raid my yarn stash.  I love it ;)


  1. Your knitting nook is looking so great. Love the color green on the walls. You might need a lock on that room of yours to insure no late night raiding of your stash ;)

  2. Gosh! it really looks great. Beautiful floor and the paint job looks wonderful... What a good idea for skylights. Gotta love that guy.
    Can hardly wait for (might have to be a knit over so we can look at the stars):) Good job you two... Happy Birthdays to all your fam. have fun...

  3. Trudy ~ I do love that guy ;)! And a night knit ~ that sounds like fun but it will definitely have to wait til the skylights go in ~ it's gloomy up there in the evening right now!

    and Karen, I never thought of that ~ I do know there are a few housekeys floating around out there that I may have to collect (Trudy and Carrie!!)