24 July 2011


My husband and I celebrated the birthday of our marriage this weekend ~ that's what we're calling it from now on since I mistakenly got him a birthday card instead of an anniversary card.  Don't ask ~ I have no idea how that happened....I swear I read it when I picked it out!

It's also the first birthday for Girls in Sheep Clothing ~ and it's been a fun filled year.  We've come full circle and once again, it's jamming time.  Kelli's mom joined us today to help make raspberry jam ~ a much better batch than last year.  Or, I should say, all 6 batches we made today turned out much better!  Thanks for coming, Judy ~ and thanks for humoring me again this year, Kelli, and suffering through (ha!).

I think summer may have finally arrived to the Pacific Northwest, just as we're on the verge of heading into the downswing towards fall. Better late than never, I guess. Dozer helped me pressure wash the deck yesterday since the sun shone all day long....


He is so much fun ~ he keeps us in stitches all the time.  Hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weather.  There's no better place on earth than here when the weather is nice.



  1. You are your father's daughter. I got one of those cards for our anniversary too! Love how you make it the birthday of your marriage. That's a keeper. Are you sharing the jam! And by the way - Dozer had the most fun!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Dozer looks so funny with the pressure washing, I wonder what he is thinking?

  3. of course I'll share, mom! and there's cherries in the dehydrator as we speak and I'm making a single batch of Bing Cherry Jam today ... it will be like gold since I'm only getting about six 1/2 pints so you may just get a spoonful of this one!

    and the glaring difference in dad and I is that he probably put a LOT of thought into getting you a birthday card for your anniversary whereas I, being a dope, did it unintentionally ;)!!!

    Karen ~ Doz was completely freaked out with the pressure washer but when the engine was off and just a mist comes thru the wand, he thought it was alive and was pouncing on the spray (can you see his tongue?! I think he's part cow!)

  4. We had a great day, but it went so fast. It was kinda two days in one.

    Can't wait to blackberry;)