16 July 2011

Completely Random

...and possibly of no interest to anyone but me ~
  • I've always loved the words 'arugula' and 'syncopation'
  • I can't stand to hear people talk in 'textese' ~ do you know that 'OMG' takes just as much time to say as the actual words?
  • I've always wondered when I would 'lose touch' with the younger generation (or maybe it's that you just stop caring?).  What is the fascination with foul-mouthed, ill-behaving, drama-king/queen based reality tv ~ I miss my witty, laugh inducing, feel good tv programs from back in the day like M*A*S*H, Cheers, and Seinfeld.  The majority of television programming today is pure crap.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Twinkies don't have a shelf life of forever.  When I was young, I watched a friend eat most of one before realizing it was moldy and promptly tossing her cookies.
  • I do knit better than Kelli.  Nicky Epstein said so.
  • Ray Charles and I had a moment.  Well, sort of.  My husband took me to see him years ago and when we left the show it was raining hard enough that I waited under an eave in back of Parker's in North Seattle while he went and got the car.  Little did I know I was standing right beside the door Mr. Charles was being led through after the concert.  This is terrible but my impulse was to reach out and touch him since he couldn't see me, only when I put my hand on his arm, he reached over with his other hand and patted the back of my hand like he knew all along I was going to do it, smiled, and went on his merry way.  I about keeled over.  It was a great concert.
  • Despite our ongoing 10 month rainy season, the farmer's markets around here are abundant with gorgeous fresh produce. Get out there and check it out ~ you'll fill your pantry and lift your soggy spirits all at once.
  • Make you hungry?
My mom and I visited the Edmonds Market this morning, in the rain, and had a wonderful time.  She wanted to know what I was going to do with all of this bounty but I don't have a plan.  Maybe roast the orange beets and the purple carrots?  That's half the fun of local produce ~ you never know what you're going to find so you can't plan until after you purchase!  And if you're wondering what the mystery green is in the bag, yes, it's arugula!  Happy weekend, all   ~  Melissa


  1. You ACTUALLY TOUCHED Ray Charles? OMG!! (Sorry, I couldn't resist, but I am genuinely impressed) In general, I actually find the completely random quite interesting. AND your produce photo is inspiring -except the arugula which is on my '5 things I don't like' list.

  2. Tamra ~ you are SO funny!! I knew I liked you for a reason! My husband just reminded me that when we watched the movie 'Ray' we found out that when Ray Charles touched a woman's hand he was 'checking her out' ~ he would tell by the size of her wrist if she was a fat woman or a small woman. My husband thinks he was sizing me up. He probably thought I was a preteen boy.....

    I was just online looking for canning recipes for cherries ~ I think I may try and can some (which means a trip to the Everett market tomorrow since I restrained today and didn't pick any up!) Any suggestions?

  3. OMG (sorry could NOT resist) that is the best market purchase ever!!! I would love to stop by for dinner this week :)

  4. Is the rain getting to you?~ I completely understand.

    I too have documented proof that I knit better then you Miss Melissa,just for the record.

    Fun 'random stuff' made me smile, I would never have the guts to publicly share. So my poor husbands gets to hear/live them.

    I do love the words: tea cozy, even tho I've never knitted one and I do own 7 ceramic tea pots (from the thrift stores) I plan on covering someday. That's a pretty good 'random'?!

    Thanks for sharing,you're a real kinder spirit!


  5. I mostly put the Nicky Epstein thing in there to see if you were reading along, Miss Kelli ;)

    although I am pretty sure she wrote in my book first and then wanted to make sure we stayed friends so she wrote the same in yours....


    and Karen, I'm envious of you and your garden and all the fresh produce you'll soon have a few steps from your own back door ~ even better than a farmer's market!

  6. I'm not so sure your book was written in first.

    Just because I don't have the big, giant, prize winning, 'Best in whatever' ribbon doesn't mean anything.

    Now we're going to have Miss Trudy chime in and tell us to play nice. You're going to get us in trouble.

    That is one of your nicknames.~hmm

    Yes I do follow...sometimes:)

    Love ya,

  7. shoot ~ 1/2 the fun of knitting is the fun I have occasionally poking at you !

    maybe when I'm pres of the guild I'll invite Nicky to come and tell the story of how she signed our books and how she likes me better....