07 April 2012

It must be the socks...

I can't seem to get the urge to pick Bridgewater up and finish it so I've been practicing avoidance knitting the last few weeks.  Need to knit but can't start anything big because the UFO's are tap tap tapping away at the back of my brain and won't leave me alone.  So, what can I knit that is mindless and fast...hmmm.  How about this cute washcloth pattern that I came across, for free, on Ravelry:
Well, it is cute and it took only a few hours....I guess I should make the other style as well:
Now, shoot, don't they look lonely?  And I'm pretty sure I've got some single skeins of miscellaneous cotton buried in my stash, so I guess I could make another set to go with the off white:
It's 5 days later and I've used all of my single skeins of cotton!  That was FUN!
So, what I'm wondering now after knitting twelve of the exact same thing, all in a row, and enjoying each cast on and bind off as much as the last.....why is it that I own only ONE PAIR of handmade socks??  I've always said it's because I don't like making the same thing twice, one right after the other, but shoot, that can't be the case!  Twelve washcloths???

It must be I don't like knitting socks.  Not a great light bulb moment since I love the only pair I've ever made.  What's a girl to do......

~ Melissa


  1. How many yards per leaf?

    Super cool.

  2. guessing...maybe 30-40yds each

    aren't they awesome?

  3. they are lovely and will make some gorgeous gifts, a leaf jag for sure!