15 April 2012

~Tip Toe Through The...~

The 2012 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival has begun. I was asked to work in the gift shop yesterday. When I got a break I got to see the blasts of colorful tulips, all makes and models. It's impossible to descibe the amazment of the rows and rows of these beauties. Bloom dates according to Mother Nature,she's been slow this year. That's just fine with me, cause I live so close. Come if you can and bring a camera, you won't be sorry.



  1. what gift shop are you working at?

    gorgeous day yesterday ~ made for some really nice pictures!

  2. There's only one gift shop, Happy Valley Farms. It's only there for 6 weeks. The owner Marsha knits every other friday at our shop, that's how she knows me. She won't be knitting while Tulip Ttown is open, and no hand knitted things are sold in her shop, might need to change that.