29 April 2012

Spode's Aster Dishes

Every year our little town at the Port of Anacortes has a Island Chicks sale. The Island Chicks are a group of local venders of antiques and shabby chic items. I'd never been, it's only 1 day from 9:30 to 3:00. I'd heard that it was just fun to go to see how they set up the booths. My middle daughter M'lis was working, and if you brought a can of food it was only 3.00 to get in. It was a beautiful day, so I went. It was a feast for the eyes, I looked around, it was very crowded. I was scoping out a section when my eyes saw some dishes, my heart told my mind that I knew those dishes from childhood, but my mind quesioned about them. Yes I sorta reconized them, but I hadn't seen them in 20+ years. Could they be? I couldn't walk away from them, it was 30 pieces of just the plates. My phone rang...it was my mom...so I asked her the name of the dishes she had picked out for her wedding china, she said Spode's Aster. I didn't plan on spending that kind of money, but I'd been saving for our local yarn tour and a knitting retreat in October...so I bought those beauties with that saved money. Now I'll be looking for extra hours to work. Those dishes bring back Sunday Dinners and holidays as a young girl,memories watching my mom or dad (only) hand wash those dishes and only using them for special meals. My mom came over for dinner last night,guess what we ate off of ;)~ Kelli


  1. love this post, Kelli :)

    I know how important these dishes are to you and I'm soooo glad you found them!


  2. How very charming! I was lucky enough to inherit my Grandmother's dishes in Royal Albert's American Beauty. I have the same memories of special occasion dinners on "the good china". I'm glad you found these too!

  3. Thanks Melissa, I know you know the whole story behind these dishes. My mom was pushing me to buy them, she was doing the math, and was telling what a great deal they were. I was surprised. Melissa, I kinda posted these pictures so you could see'em.

    Kelly I'll be googling Royal Albert's American Beauty and see yours, wow your grandmothers!