24 May 2012

busy as a bee

Hello, all!
     Just checking in since it's been awhile.  We've been doing loads of yard work (the picture above is one of the lavender plants we put in this past fall...they bloomed last week and the bees are hard at work now!).  Still finding a few minutes here and there between work and chores and goofing off to get some knitting done, most of which has been for Christmas or top-secret test knitting so I can't share any of it (darn it!!).  I was asked a few weeks ago how many projects I have on the needles right now and to my horror, I actually had no idea.  Not a great feeling for this queen of organization as I've never had more than a handful of things going at once.  So, I've been pulling out wip's and getting some things finished up and hopefully in the next week or so, I may actually have something I can share with everyone!
     I do know that Jeff has finished his Bridgewater and I think pictures are soon to come!  I am officially bringing up the rear on this kal, also not normal for me.  I do believe I have lost all control! 
     Hope everyone is enjoying this glorious spring weather!  Dozer sure is ;)       ~ Melissa

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  1. Hi! Your pup looks so relaxed while sunning! My kids are home so the summer has started and life is a bit busier than usual :)