08 May 2012

A Few New Favorites

The Old Clock on the Stairs, by Longfellow is my favorite poem so far. While 'thiftstoring' all day last saturday I found a great book, a book of american and english poets. Called Favorite Poems, copyright 1883 and 1884. My quest was for a new found love, old lace. It's my latest journey. I looked at wedding dresses and under garments,lots of acrylic stuff, I did fortunately come across one linen piece. The journey for me is almost as fun as finding a great deal. I think I'd like to add it to a knitted fingerless glove or shawl somehow.   ~ Kelli


  1. I will never own an electronic book reader doohickie...

    I would LOVE to see this book, Kel ~ it's beautiful on the outside and I would love to feel it's cover, breathe in it's pages and look at every inch of it next time I see you, if you'll let me ;)


  2. That lace is lovely! I will be waiting to see what you do with it!

  3. Can't wait to show you the book Melissa. It had a blue tag of $9.99 and can you guess the tag color that was 50% off that day? The lace and the book combined were less then $7.00. I was in heaven.

  4. Wow! Good find!! LOVE the lace!