30 June 2012

the grayest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle ~ a post by Melissa

so, what's a girl to do on yet another dreary summer day?  why, head to La Conner of course!

the weather was no better up north but,

here at La Conner Flats in the barn behind this produce building was some indoor sunshine!

our knitting group, high tea and a birthday party!

my first of many cups of warm tea ~ perfect on a drizzly northwest afternoon

 the tables were sweetly set with vintage mismatched china and green depression glass ~ be still my heart ~ and pretty little vases of fresh dahlias everywhere

my very first high tea is starting out well!

 each course was prepared  while we were enjoying the one before

and everything was fresh and delicious and perfect

as soon as one plate was finished, the teapots were replenished and the next course appeared

 it was wonderful to get to spend the day with these women I rarely get to see

this room was filled to the rafters with talent

Sherry, you looked spendid in your chartreuse shawl

and the happiest happiest of birthdays to you, Joanne ~ you have the Queen Mum's wave down to a 't'

thanks to Joanne's English Setter (I think I got the breed right?) for making an appearance ~ what girlie tea party is complete without a pup named DIVA !?! isn't she a pretty girl ;)

also, a special thanks to Linda and Val for planning this memorable get-together and inviting me along for the fun!  I had a wonderful day, despite this darn rain!   ~  Melissa


  1. Great photos, should have took a picture of under the table, cause nobody would guess the amout yarn that is hidden. None of it was ours, but we're learning~


  2. what were we thinking that there would be no knitting allowed at the party???

    didn't want to be the peasant who never gets invited back ;)

    next time we'll know better!

  3. What beautiful photography. Is there anything you don't do perfectly Melissa? You are awesome and I feel blessed to have you as part of the "knit sib" Thursday knitters. Just wish we could see you more often.
    So glad you were there. Never leave your knitting behind, especially when you are with us!

  4. Love the dishes at the high tea :) You're so lucky to have such a festive knitting group :)

  5. oh my gosh what fun! i hope you at least wore some of your beautiful knits melissa. i am so inspired to get a group together like this.

  6. What a wonderful day. And now I'm singing Bobby Sherman...

  7. What a gorgeous, fun thing to do! LOVE all of the photos!

  8. This is delightful! I wish we had that kind of weather, the sunshine and 101 degree heat are starting to make me wish for winter *gasp!*

    The teacup you have featured is gorgeous! I have a complete set of the same, left to me by my Grandmother. It seems a waste to have them sitting in the basement, after seeing them having a full and happy life here on your photostream.

    Hope you're well,
    Kelly Lightbeam

  9. I'm trying not to complain about our 60 degree rain every day this month since everyone else is so miserable...I'd take this anyday!

    I'm envious of your china, Kelly ~ sounds like you should unpack it and have a party! I have a few boxes of green depression glass in storage that I need to unpack also!

    We'll have the kal post up this weekend....I'm getting excited!

    Happy 4th ~ Melissa

  10. Me too! I bought my yarn today at the MN Fiber Guild and dyed it after dinner. I'll photograph it tomorrow!