04 June 2012

mary, mary quite contrary

how does your garden grow?

we planted a children's garden from seed and count the mystery sprouts with anticipation every day
today there are sixty

the lettuce crocks are filling in and are just about ready

we discovered the first pea flowers on the vine today ~ the tomatoes and peppers are waiting for some heat and sun for their chance to shine

the cotoneaster tree is covered with flowers and soon bright red berries will follow

and the garage sale tea kettle I bought years ago was creatively planted by my husband this year and the lobelia blooms are spilling from it's spout

new life
new growth


how does your garden grow?
~ Melissa


  1. I love the tea kettle idea! Brilliant :) We just planted the garden but not from seed.

  2. What a CUTE, creative idea! LOVE the tea kettle planting!!

  3. Wonderful~ I like my lobelia tea with 1 splash of milk and 2 sugars~ please

  4. How about at the veggie market? Wait, I do have strawberries in a whiskey barrel, so I'm not a total loser. YOU have a green thumb. Looks great Mel.