03 June 2012

please be kind...

it's been awhile since I've mentioned the knitting attic ...and here's why:

every bit of crafty goodness I own is now laying in the middle of the floor waiting to be put away

every nook and cranny in the house has been purged of knitting and sewing paraphernalia and every box has been opened and lugged upstairs and is spread out bow to stern, port to starboard

I know where everything is right now, but nothing is where it will eventually be

the only thing left to do before organizing is installing my closet shelving and painting my window frame ... and then it's time to put some order to all this disorder!

this is my project for June ... hopefully by July I will not only have a room where you can see the floor, but maybe some of you will actually have been invited over for a knit day in my knitting attic

(for those of you that know me well, be proud of me and please, please don't judge ~ it is a monumental thing for me to post pictures of a mess and prove to the world (or truth be told, our handful of readers) what I've known all along ... I am not perfect even though I strive to be!) ... and if anyone has any ideas what to do with a soon to be 18 year old wedding dress, I'd love to hear them ;)

~ Melissa


  1. Wow!!! I love this room, mess and all! I know you will have lots of fun organizing and making it just so. Have fun :)

  2. did this mess make you break out in just the smallest of sweats, Karen?! it looks a bit like the room you posted on your blog right after your kids got home for the summer ;)


  3. Oh I'm so proud of you!!! You must love and trust us~ way to go little lady.

    I would be honored to come help if it's a day that I'm not working. Just keep that in mind.

    It's going to be a fabulous room and soon!

    Be still my heart.


  4. Great start to a great room! I really thing that most of the "Mess" could be remedied by a bookshelf or two. Not that I really thing it's a mess, because it's a work in progress, and that's a whole different thing.

    As for the wedding dress, I've heard of people turning them into Christmas tree skirts. Just an idea.

  5. oh my gosh! a room to organize just the way you like, and all your treasures in one place. i love it. i'd love to do this! i hope you have lots of fun and inspiration along the way. can't wait to see the finished room. :)

    donate your dress?

  6. What a wonderful space! Lucky YOU!! Congrats! Looking forward to seeing how you organize and decorate the space.

  7. this was a good post ~ I look at these pictures and I see
    D I S A S T E R ! ! ! !

    I actually can feel the weight of this clutter over my head pushing down on me when I'm on the floor below

    you guys see potential and have gotten me excited to get this mess cleaned up! thanks so much ;)


  8. I have room envy! I love your organized chaos. I know you will be smiling all the while your are nesting in your new room. Can't wait to spend some time with you in your new nook on a knit/crochet adventure.

  9. mom ~ you have a room, too

    like mine, you just have to find it amongst the 'stuff'

    Melissa ;)