19 November 2012

Santa's workshop...closed for the season ~ posted by Melissa

I had this master plan in January to start my Christmas knitting and be done with it quickly so I wouldn't still be working on things at the last minute.  Great idea ~ one small detail threw a wrench into that plan.  With 12 months before Christmas, my knitting list grew in leaps and bounds compared to what I would normally do if I began knitting in September.  Not complaining, just saying. 

I'm so excited to give the recipients their presents this year.  There has been a ton of behind the scenes goings on that I'm excited to share once I can do so without spoiling the surprises.  I churned out 10 gifts ~ that's about 185,000 stitches if I did my math correctly and around 4,700 yds of yarn.  Lots of work but everyone I knit for is completely knitworthy. 

And finally, here's some very exciting news!!  Do you guys remember this post of baby clothing that I had made for my husband's friend/coworker and his wife?  Well, this is little Neoma Jane who is now 2 months old wearing one of the sweaters I made for her.  Two weeks ago my husband and I were asked to be her Godparents ~ we are so shocked and honored and tickled, and of course we said yes!!  I have a little girl that I can knit for forever and as you can guess, I've already started.  I whipped out a little sweater this weekend to give to her now and I'll probably make something for her for Christmas, also.  Probably.  Did I really just write that?  You know I will for sure!

Any ideas on cute baby girl items I should take a look at?  I'm open to all suggestions!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving ~ I know we have much to be thankful for this year :)


  1. Here's some stuff I have queued up just waiting for someone to have a little girl:

    in threes
    Silver cardigan
    Sprout Hat (LOOOOVE THIS)
    Cardigan For Merry - this in red with little wood toggles. loooove.

  2. thanks for the links, Melissa!

    I've already had my eye on Clara and In Threes but I have now queued the Sprout Hat, Cardigan for Merry and the Silver Cardigan (which would look smashing in Madelinetosh, don't you think?!)

  3. She is just sooooo. stinkin'. cute!!! Okay, I see another vote for Clara. ;) just sayin'! blessings ~ tanna

  4. Congratulations on being godparents :) That is wonderful and how nice you will be in this special baby's life in a meaningful way!!!

  5. You'll need to keep her darling head warm with lots of hats. A Christmas/winter bonnet? The Clara dress is yhe first thing thay popped in my head but talk to Constance, she knitted one and the neck opening was to tight. Can't wait to see what you knit.

  6. so I queued Clara since that seems to be one every girl needs according to you guys...and then unqueued it since you cannot buy the pattern separately from the yarn

    I'm hesitant to buy a kit when I have yarn to make this dress with already! makes you feel a little trapped into making a larger purchase than you might otherwise

    hmmmm. makes me sound like a cheapskate but I'm trying to keep the stash in check so thanks for all the other ideas ~ I have much to ponder, ladies!

  7. Oh these are cute! And there are a few sweet hats coming out in Hannah's new designs.

    I have the Clara Dress kit to knit for a friend, but I am thinking it would be glorious in Madelintosh.


    And also quinceandco.com/blog see Mabel's closet.
    Marianne 40 on rav...

  8. P.S. Page for Hannah has a better display of her new knits for babies.


    Costal kids is great too!

  9. Ooooh... what a doll and such a lucky baby to have the PERFECT Godparents. Enjoy and thanks for sharing. Love the sweater.