02 November 2012

when 2nd choice is even better ~ posted by Melissa

The 'daffodil' is restashed and a pound of 'ice blue' Zephyr Jaggerspun 2/18 is sitting in front of me.

I am happy.  Really happy!  I've been wanting to knit something blue and I couldn't be more pleased with this soft powdery pastel shade.  I cannot wait to cast on tomorrow when the light is better.  Have a cozy weekend, all, and hopefully I'll have a little progress to share in a few days!  ~ Melissa


  1. what was I thinking???

    that was about the dumbest thing I could have said, Mr 'I'm so awesome I knit Niebling by oil lamp' ;P

    did you get out of town or are you still hunkered down? hope to hear you're on my side of the country!


  2. We got power back this morning. Yay! Currently in Denver about to board the flight to Portland. Woot woot!