18 March 2013

LOGging in -- by Guest Blogger WillyG

So, I know everyone left me in the dust with their Leaves of Grass shawls, even if they did find it wonderfully convenient to omit a chart repeat.  wink, wink

Lest you think I would actually hold that against anyone, I assure you that I am joking. And besides, it would not make any difference, as I am still on chart C!  I have been happily knitting away at other things, but it somehow seemed appropriate to knit some more of my LOG blanket during a celebratory viewing of The Quiet Man for St. Patty's Day. I am quite proud to announce that I broke into the fourth chart repeat. For me, that is progress!

I knew when I signed up for the KAL that I would be taking the long route; I have grand aspirations of finishing by the end of the year, if not by the end of summer. Since I don't have a helpful photo of my LOG, here's a photo of some lace sampling I've done in the last month:

My foray into Walt Whitman's poetry has been about as meager as my LOG knitting, but I did come across one 'leaf of grass' that seemed fitting in this shared setting of knitalong blogging.  And no, it's not any of the steamy ones. ;-)

This moment yearning and thoughtful sitting alone,
It seems to me there are other men in other lands yearning and thoughtful,
It seems to me I can look over and behold them in Germany, Italy,
France, Spain,
Or far, far away, in China, or in Russia or talking other dialects,
And it seems to me if I could know those men I should become
attached to them as I do to men in my own lands,
O I know we should be brethren and lovers,
I know I should be happy with them.

If there's anyone out there still languishing in the expanse of your LOG shawl, enjoy the ride, and know that you have company!  :)


  1. john wayne, walt whitman and a lace sampler

    happy camper here (and I do forgive you for the slight slam regarding chart D!)

    thanks for dropping in again, Will!

    1. Truth is, I'm just envious. :)
      Thanks for opening your blog to us!

    2. you're both welcome anytime ~ it's nice to have you around

      did you know I'm coming to stay for a year to knit & watch Dr Who :)

    3. We're fixing up the back room for you already. It gets a bit cold in the winter, but we have lots and lots of wool. ;)

    4. awesome ~ I don't even need a bed...I'm little enough I could curl up in a stash bin with some yarn and you could stow me in a closet to sleep :)

  2. well, HELLO ~ it's me AGAIN! I forgot to add I did find myself a copy of Leaves of Grass ~ I sprung for a new book ~ it was a bit spendy but it's gorgeous ~ Whitman: Poetry and Prose (clothbound Library of America edition)

    I love it!!

  3. i think a long leasiurely l.o.g. sounds heaven. i only wish i could have taken it more slowly. for the first time in my adult life i find myself with lots of free time, knit happens. thank you for sharing the poetry and your lace, lovely.

    1. Hahaha, knit happens. I envy your free time ;)

  4. Will, this sampler is gorgeous, LOG will wait for you, and there are several of us who are still in the midst of it. Take your time and enjoy it!

    1. Thanks for the reassurance! I knew there were a few out there!