24 March 2013

More Pictures...Melissa Said It Was Ok! ~ by guest blogger Leanne

I was able to take some new pictures of my LOG.
I had posted them on the farm blog and Melissa told me that it was ok
to add some more to the KAL blog.

So, here goes....

Just a few more of this loved knit.

Ok. That's it!

Happy Knitting. Anyone know of a new KAL to join???



  1. Leanne what a treat for the eyes. Your shawl is a beauty, not a bad truck either, and love your hair/braid~ We'll have more KAL's so keep posted.

  2. I'm so glad you listened :) ~ you deserve to show it off as much as possible!

    I love the new photos (and your dad's classic truck!)

  3. oh, yeah ~ and there is ALWAYS another kal on the horizon here & you're always welcome back, Leanne

    keep your eyes peeled ~ the next one's set to begin May 1st....more to come later!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm so impressed.