28 October 2013

A Little Chuckle~ a post from Kelli

If you happen to visit Ana Cross-Stitch in downtown Anacortes Washington, you'll be welcomed at the door by this poor guy (my husband found this on the internet)~ 

But don't miss the other side, of our window display...  my boss saw this cartoon in a local  newspaper and got permission from the artist to draw up it in our window.

 Bring it!!!  My boss Kristi has a great sense of humor and can draw/create as well as she knits! 
  NO Melissa that's not me sitting knitting, in the blue pock-a dot dress, someday maybe?!!!


  1. awesome ~ hope you don't mind but I blew up the photos so I could see them better :)

    and don't fib...you posed for that drawing, you in the polka dot mumu, didn't you???

    1. Looks much better, thanks for the great edit, anytime:)

  2. Haaaaa... nothing like a good laugh to begin the day.

  3. Thanks for the great laugh. I love that yarn shop already.