01 July 2014

Off My Needles~ guest blogger Andee

My Spire is off my needles. I repeat my Spire is off my needles!!!!!

I had huge hopes of taking pictures of it with the wild horses on Assateague Island, but my family didn't want to give me the hour to sit and finish it before we left for our vacation. So sad. I had hoped I could block it before we got on the road so I could drag it around with me. Instead however I did get to work on it while hanging out at my campsite while I watched the sunrise and then again at night watching the sunset.  I finished up the final few rows last night after we got home and unloaded the camper. I blocked it and woke up to it all ready to wear this morning :) I'm going to take some more pictures of it and I still have a modification or two to do with it. 

I have a feeling the wild horses wouldn't have even wanted to be in the photo shoot with me anyway. They were more interested in sunbathing, eating and one was actually standing in the showers at the beach. It was too funny. I didn't have my camera on me at the time. I'll have to go back next year :) 


  1. speechless ~ she's a beauty, Andee ~ thanks for knitting along with us...well, everyone else

    I'm still not back to mine yet ~ hopefully one of these days soon I can be in a place where I can finish it without a ton of mistakes ":)

    1. She was a beast to knit! But once a again it was a project that once was blocking and laying there on the floor with blocking wires and pins I couldn't take my eyes off it! The final product is worth it!

  2. Your Spire is absolutely breathtaking. Wow! Must feel good to complete such an impressive project.