29 June 2014

Bobbin & Cobweb ~ a post from Kelli

I think this is bobbin lace,  a beautiful doily , I bought this spring in Barcelona, Spain.
Bought at a swap meet, that was set in the center of one of the 'squares' set up by local
venders.  Would have spent hours there, but within  minutes of browsing the rain in Spain came
down in sheets!  But not before I bartered for this~

This was bought locally,  it's a Orenburg black Cobweb Shawl, I think.  While browsing
through Value Village, on the 1/2 off day, last summer I came across this
bunched up with a plastic hook stuck in to hang it.  I knew it was hand knit, I knew it was
cobweb lace.  I couldn't take the hook off unless I bought it. I didn't know the condition.
 So I "rolled the dice" for 1.49 + tax. 
I to my great pleasure it was amazingly perfect.  I have no idea the pattern
or maker. Let me know if any of you recognize the pattern~

P.S.  The cobweb yarn is mohair to add to the difficulty of knitting this piece.
My camera try's to catch all the fuzzy, really hard to get a good photo.



  1. Replies
    1. never you mind ~ now there are words as well as a photo ~ the black lace pattern looks familiar...I'll have to mull that over

      you didn't kill any Spaniards in your quest for the white lace, I hope??

    2. kill for bobbin lace, who me?
      Let me know about the shawl pattern~ thanks.
      The bobbin piece was 10 euros ( I thought was expensive considering what I got the shawl for), I talked him down to 7 euros and in vender-ly fashion he offer me a second piece to go with 'for a deal', but the second piece wasn't as good.

    3. how much is 7 euros? do you remember the conversion?

    4. It's around $1.50 American for 1 euro.

    5. sweet ~ the only thing that would have made it any better would be if it was Irish Crochet...
      I'm completely taken with it :)

    6. Did you get the latest Piecework? The Edith Graham Mayo's Linen Duster with Irish Crochet Accents!!! made me gasp~

      I'm hoping to get my Spain piece framed, but it'll cost way more then 7 euros :?

    7. So go get it framed! Love you

    8. get it framed...I wouldn't even think twice about it

      how many pieces of lace are you ever going to pick up in Spain ~ it's a memento and artwork and fibery goodness...totally worth the cost

      my Piecework came last night but haven't looked at it yet ~ we were out the door at 4:30 this morning to go to work and we're both just getting home ~ I'll check it out later for sure

    9. You sweet man! I might have to inquire this week, when I go to knitting group. Mount Vernon has the place I've been told by stitchers. Love you!

  2. Lovely babe great pics too love you!!

    1. nothing like an impromptu family reunion :)

    2. Roger just heading out for the big king opener how are you sis?

    3. good luck ~ catch some bigun's ~ can't wait to hear how Bella did without you this year in Canada

      things are crazy around here ~ I'll let Jas fill you in whenever you have a chance to call him...this week has been horrid and good all wrapped up together...quite a rollercoaster ride

      be safe!!!!

  3. oooooooooooooooo both of these pieces are gorgeous. I would love to see a non-sepia pic of the black piece.

    1. Thank you Melissa,

      The black shawl is very elegant, and looks great at Halloween time with an orange sweater~