06 April 2015

bring it - posted by Melissa

Are you ready for some baseball??????
I am - it's gonna be a wild ride!!!!
Let's Go, M's

{edited to add - we won!!!!}

Felix 10 K's & some stellar defense,
the bats were alive
and the bullpen rocked!!!!
final score M's 4-1 over the Angels


  1. I'm watching and knitting with you...PLAY BALL, and skeins~

    1. I was at the grocery store at 7:00 this morning - I've got slow cooker chicken mole in the crock pot for tacos tonight and a spice cake just out of the oven. Now I can watch baseball & basketball and knit for a while, too.

      We're all playing with our balls today (got up on the same side of the bed as yesterday - hehe!!)

    2. Stitch & Pitch was 2010 - and none of us were right...
      it wasn't pre- or post-Vincent...I think he may actually have been with us :)))

  2. Now wait a minute, Melissa. Did I miss the end of the Seahawk Super Bowl story? We can't go on without finishing that story. Baseball's gotta wait!

  3. My mom and I are SF Giants fans and are knitting the Crackerjack scarf this season. Have you heard of it? It's a great idea for baseball knitter fans!