16 April 2015

Maidolls ~ a post by Kelli

Sweet dolls created from Melodie Stacey.  Way over in the
United Kingdom!  They fly first class to meet me!
They brighten my day and keep my secret prayers!

With knitted bodies and clothing and topped with
vintage buttons and roving styled hair!!!

Check more dolls and creations on Etsy, "Maidolls".

I've knitted two of them their own shawls, (for testing how the yarn knits up)

I've been collecting for a few years.  Such fun.

Maybe you remember Melissa has some too ~


  1. They're precious. Thank you for showing them to us all!

  2. These are wonderful! Looks like they each have their own personality.

  3. Each one is a treasure. Thank you for sharing them Kelli. I can't help but imagine these are similar to what our great-grandmother's played with.