02 April 2015

Plucky Easter ~ a post from Kelli

Things sure change and what I want in my Easter Basket
 sure has~
Need to decide on a sweater pattern, for Plucky Sweater, almost 1900 yards,
DK weight, Early Light color, sugar-free!
Hope you find good treats your way.

This is my latest handmade basket, by me~
Happy Easter,   Kelli


  1. Basket looks beautiful and so does the yarn... love the color.

    1. Thank you. It's a big basket, and I enjoy making them, I'm lucky to have a friend that teaches. I might bring it tomorrow, I put a stain on it a week ago and I can still smell the stain. The smell does wear off, it takes time. But you know me and baskets, you'll see it!

  2. Now that is one fine Easter basket! I've got to tell the Easter Bunny next year!