07 January 2016

good morning - posted by Melissa

Enjoying a cup of coffee with Kelli this morning : )
Post coming tomorrow with knitalong progress and a final list of participants so y'all can find each other on Ravelry.  Can't wait to see more progress photos from everyone!  Thanks, Will, for getting the guest blogging rolling.  Stunning work as always!!
More tomorrow!


  1. Hi Melissa, it is with a sad heart that I write to tell you I am not going to be able to finish this KAL. I started my Stonecrop and loved working the patterns, but then received a request to knit a blanket for a sweet two year old who has autism and is in desperate need of a new lovie. I couldn't say no. I will be checking in to see all the beauties that are being created and hope to be part of the group next year. Have fun.

  2. Hey Melissa, thanks for having coffee with me!

    Wanting to give a tip to everyone, I have put a stitch marker on each side of the CENTER STITCH which helps me. You can even use and highlight that center stitch on the chart,(make sure you get the correct row!) that helps me stay on track and if I've made a mistake it helps me figure out which side.
    Happy kal-ing.