22 January 2016

MISS KELLY~ from Kelli

I wish you could touch it... I was sent 2 unexpected patterns for free! As a continued support thank you! What's not to love~


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    1. Well of course you did! Mine are probably better! Lol You know I'm kid kidding.
      Which colors did you get? What do you think of the yarn?

  2. The picture doesn't do the color/yarn justice

  3. Ok, you've convinced me! Wasn't that easy? Lol, sorry I'm late to see this post ~ we have been on vacation this week and running all over the place. Jon went up north to take our house out onto the lake...for those of you who don't know me, check out www.cabinonice.blogspot.com. We also have relatives from Florida in town, so we made the obligatory trip to the Mall of America. It was pretty fun!