10 January 2016

WE IN - posted by The Girls



  1. That's right! Go Seattle! We had to take just a couple dozen photos to get one I liked ~ ;)

  2. What a nail biter! I was happy to see the Hawks win, but I feel mighty bad for the Vikings kicker that missed the final field goal.

  3. Hi Kelly!
    Yes I agree with what you said...unbelievable! What a ride! I wonder if people turn the channel, thinking Seattle would loose.
    But more importantly, how's it going?
    What cha knitting? Or are you Kal-ing with us?
    Happy New Year!

  4. I always say, it's not over till it's over! I am doing well ~ I have set a goal of knitting a hat every week, so I am doing some serious stash busting. I also just bound off The Doodler, Stephen West's MKAL. I am not especially drawn to Stonecrop, so I'm sitting this one out, but I am definitely following everyone's progress, and loving it.