01 December 2016

IRELAND ~ By Kelli

The yarn shop in Dublin, you can tell from the knitted open signs, this is going to be good!
This Is Knit
YES! Lace shawls!
Melted me ~ capturing companion!  
after giving, he bent down and said something~   God Bless them both!
A field trip perhaps? Happy carefree girls! Lovely Irish young ladies! All small town
school kids we saw had uniforms.  This was Dublin, big city,
No uniforms.?
Christ Church, Dublin,
Around a thousand years old~
Arches and such detail
Very active church!
peeking through
Lots of grey stone in Ireland, usually with a touch of green!
The fog, while riding the train!
Christmas Market, Limerick, Ireland
Coal waiting to warm the pub for the day, and into the morning!
The coal stove to warm you...might need a cold beer
when you sit there!
All Christmas outed, we where there Nov 13-22.
Made me grateful for Thanksgiving and how it
does slow Christmas down more then Ireland ~
Tea Shop, yummy!
On the rivers edge, swapping fishing stories with the locals~
Galway Bay, Ireland, stone walls every where!!!
The simple.
Happy welcoming kitty!
Loved the nature
The Cliffs Of Mohar!!!!!!
Ludlow is the perfect scarf to travel with, ask Will!
What's not to love!
King John's Castle wall! The English side of Limerick, Ireland

Hoping you all enjoyed~ trust me I have many more photos,you just never know when I'll post more :)


  1. I loved Ireland! Want to go back SO bad! Your photos are so lovely and capture Ireland so beautifully. When I was there we met a farmer who said he got so little for the wool from his sheep he usually BURNED it! I was heartsick.

  2. Why didn't you take me with you!

  3. Beautiful pictures.. glad you trip was wonderful...