30 December 2016

ANISOS YARN - guest blogger Tracey

My yarn choice for the Anisos wasn't hard
to make. I have been saving two skeins of
The Fibre Company's Meadow in Gentian Violet
because I love this yarn and can't think of a better
person to use it for than my Mama.

I am going to knit the second largest size as I have
1090 yards and I want to use every last gram that
I can.

2016 was the year of socks for Christmas gifts
and I have decided 2017 will be the year of
the Shawl.


  1. That will be beautiful, Tracey. I recently knit with Meadow for the first time and I loved it. Happy New Year!

  2. Oh, I love The Year of the Shawl. I might jump on board that train : )

  3. Beautiful yarn! I would be happy to join in the year of the shawl too