06 January 2017

Friends! Lace! Togetherness! New Year! KALing! & lots of Picots! ~ Kelli

Welcome all who are here! Happy 2017!

My aren't we the "go getters". I've taken many deep breathes while under the Anisos spell.  I'm very grateful for those purl 'check points' is what I call them, that follow throughout the two sided lace piece.

Hope you all are enjoying, like I am this lacey long beauty.  I must say bottom up is not my 'cup of tea', but since I really love this shawl, that's the path~ Melissa and I didn't have to look much, when we saw this on the screen,we were,
 yeah, what do you think?
 I was, yeah definitely!

The yarns chosen are beautiful by you all!  I'd like one in every color but will resist due to the cast ons. Which I think makes it even more special cause I'm sure when knitters see this pattern they keep searching (btw,  we didn't know before we fell in love that Anisos was set up this way) ... no not us! we both couldn't take our eyes/minds off it.

I'm having technical difficulties with pictures, I'll work on that.

Thanks all who are knitting along, for me I just so enjoy that you're there!

Happy knitting ~

p.s. gotta an email from Brooklyn Tweed  yesterday...I'll be testing for Jared Flood, with some new yarn as soon as the yarn gets to my home!!! more about that later!


  1. Oh I'm on the wait wait wait list for BT test knitting :) I am jealous of your insider scoops to yarn and patterns! I have to say I am getting pretty close to finishing this shawl!!! Yes the construction of the lace takes a while, but then it starts to fly off the needles!!! So I can't complain about that.

  2. What a lovely (long!) post. Nice to hear from you, stranger :)


    hahaha - just kidding - you can tell me all about it tomorrow :)

  3. Loved this post! I have plains to sit tomorrow by the wood stove, finally, and knit away!