10 January 2017

Anisos Shawl Progress - guest blogger Karen

Hello!  I am so happy to be joining in this knit along, thanks so much for inviting me.  I started my shawl within 48 hours of the start date.  I foolishly posted on instagram that I didn't make any mistakes on the picot cast on edge.  That is true.  However, after that post, I dropped a stitch in a yarn over section and was unable (sigh....) to fix my error.

So I ripped everything out and started all over again.  Hence the silence.  You cannot be so bold as to announce "look at me no mistakes!!".  That taunting brings on the knitting Gods funny sense of humor.

So I humbly present my progress thus far.  I have finished both charted sections and just started the body of the shawl.  I only knit when I am not paying attention to talking or a really good TV show.

(the dropped stitch was from a Dr. Who episode with Amy Pond).

The yarn I am using is delightful.  I snapped it up at a shop in the clearance bin and adore how silvery gray it is.  I also love when wool is mixed with a bit of silk, such a delight to knit.

My Ravelry notes are here.
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  1. Looking good, Karen. I hope to get past row 5 soon. This week has been so incredibly busy that my knitting has suffered. I am encouraged by the speed that some are making progress on this. I look forward to more progress reports. Happy knitting.

  2. It looks lovely! Life is complicated right now and I have a sinus infection so I am on hold

  3. It's really pretty Karen. You are fast!!!!

  4. Beautiful! Go Karen! It's going to look amazing!