09 March 2012

Meeting Sally Melville

One bonus I enjoy at my job is meeting some amazing famous knitters. Yesterday Sally Melville came by. She's teaching a workshop through our yarn shop Ana Cross Stitch, 3/4 yarn shop 1/4 threads and stitching.

She's a small framed women, but you can't miss her. You can tell without asking she loves what she does, she was wearing her first ever "Einstein Coat". My guess it's from 2001. After checking into hotel she came back wearing her "A Grey Cardigan". She's knitted 5 of these, it's a wonderful cabled sweater in her Mother-Daughter book. I wish I'd have had my camera, she wore a short black leather boot with spikes sticking out of the heels. She said "gives a whole new meaning to a good ass kicking".

My kinda gal. I like her, and wished I was going to be apart of the weekend, but for a couple reasons it didn't work out for me.

I do have her The Knit Stitch and Mother-Daughter Knits, I've only knitted the Shape It! Scarf, but am dusting off these two books and remembering the knits I wanted to work.



  1. ya name dropper ;)

    sounds like a fun day ~ wish I could have gotten a look at those boots.....I might need pair!


  2. I have been fortunate to have taken several of Sally's classes over the years. She is fantastic. Glad you got to meet her.

  3. Lucky you!! I might need a pair of those boots, too! ;) blessings ~ tanna