29 March 2012

A letter to Tesia ~

Dear Tesia ,

I've been dreaming about Three Irish Girls yarn since I saw the amazing sweater that you knit up in some of their yarn a year ago.  It's hard to come by and I thought I may never get my hands on any but...

thanks to our conversation today, in about 5 weeks I'll be the proud owner of
  • Carys BFL worsted in 'Roisin'  (also my very first BFL!)
  • Springvale worsted in 'Devin'
  • McClellon fingering in 'Cameron'
  • McClellon lace in 'Brady'
I will think of you, my most evil of friends (and I mean that in the nicest way!), when I open my package and cast on my very first project.  I had no idea when you told me about this awesome sale that not only were there some truly gorgeous colorways, but I would get to pick my own fiber to be dyed.  Evil, evil, evil.  And, thanks for your kind offer of taking any of my choices off my hands if I'm not totally in love, but I'm certain I'll be thrilled with each and every yarn!

Thanks so much!  See you in 6 months and good luck tomorrow on your new venture!


  1. Yay!!!!!! Those sound like excellent choices! I hope you love them all, and if you don't, I am really excited to take them off your hands:)

  2. the website said it takes about 5 weeks since they don't dye til you order so I won't have it for awhile

    oh, the suspense! :)