24 March 2012

A post of a Knitterly Nature

I've a few things to share ~ I finished some projects (birthday gifts) for people that don't read the blog (my sister and my husband...funny but true), so I can show them to you.  For sis:
These are Nantucket Cloths , and the link to the free pattern is on my Ravelry project page .  I added the buttons and ribbon hangs myself.  They're made from Pishgah coned worsted cotton and I think she'll love them. 
This is another Skull Cap , this time for my husband.  It's been killing him that I've made 2 of these for other people and he doesn't have one, so with his birthday around the corner, I figured I'd break down and make another one.  I made this with Peace Fleece worsted wool, with some modifications that can be found on my Rav page where there's a link to the free pattern, also.

Lastly, I just had to share some really neat things I've been given recently:
The handmade pottery votives are a belated gift from our guest blogger, Morgen ~ see the stockinette and cabled patterns in the clay?  I can't wait to use these in the knitting attic!  The stitch markers were handmade by my coworker and I've told her she should start selling them in her etsy shop.  I'll let everyone know if she decides to give it a go ~ she makes jewelry so these have been made from her jewelry making supplies.  Turquoise beads and sterling silver closed rings ~ I love them!! 

Have a great weekend, everyone!  The sun is shining during the day and the frogs are singing at night ~ a definite sign that spring is here.  ~ Melissa

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  1. I LOVE the dishcloths. I have to admit, I have not been a fan of the knitted or crocheted dishcloths I've seen so far, but these are BEAUTIFUL! Into the queue!